At the final step of registration you will have to pay a registration fee of 400 rubles (~7$) + acquirer's commission (~5-10%) for each participant. Make sure that one of the available payment options on the Robokassa website is right for you. Without registration fee payment registration is not valid!

The following groups are exempted from the registration fee payment:

  • students;
  • retired women from 60 years of age;
  • retired men from 65 years of age.

After registration, through their personal account, each participant uploads scans of documents for admission to the competition: medical certificate, certificate of insurance, in some categories - risk assumption note. Without these documents, an athlete is not allowed to compete.

Available registration types:

Crew registration
This type of registration lets register a crew and all its members. At the final step you will have to pay the crew's registration fee which is calculated as the sum of individual fees of all the crew members.
Individual registration
This type of registration lets participants register individually. With this type of registration you will need to submit the crew later via your account when all crew members have registered.