Rules & Conditions

The regatta is conducted in the form of individual competition on a distance of 200m.

The competition is conducted in the following classes: W1x — Women's Single Sculls; M1x — Men's Single Sculls; W2- — Women's Pair; W2x — Women's Double Sculls; M2x — Men's Double Sculls; MA W4+ — Masters Women's Coxed Four; MA M4+ — Masters Men's Coxed Four; W4- — Women's Four; M4- — Men's Four; MA M4X — Master's Men's Quad Sculls 40+; U23 W8+ — Under 23 Women's Eight; W8+ — Women's Eight; U23 M8+ — Under 23 Men's Eight; M8+ — Men's Eight; RB — Rowboat; WY — Women's yawls; MY — Men's yawls; VK — Viking boats; WSUP — Women's SUPs; 4x+ уч.ЛЖ — AmWomen's 4x+; MSUP — Men's SUPs; 4x+ уч.ЛМ — AmMan's 4x+; 4+ уч.WA с — Women's 4x+ students; 4+ уч.МA с — Man's 4x+ students;

Side-by-side heats with 2 crews at a time.

Maximum duration of the competition – 8 hours.

Athletes (men and women) of 16 years of age and older, representing sports organizations of St. Petersburg, territorial entities of the Russian Federation and other countries, can participate in the competition.

At the mandate commettee taking place on May 10, 2024, at 16:00 in Sestrorezk, Ugolnaya emb 13, team representatives maust submit applications signed by heads of organizations with valid medical certificate for each athlete.

Preliminary applications are only accepted via the site until 7.05.2024.

The following documents are to be provided for each athlete along with the application:

  • Athlete's ID (original);
  • accident and health insurance policy (original);
  • obligatory medical insurance policy (for Russian athletes);
  • notice of classification.

Referees must provide a copy of the referee card, a copy of the passport (pages 2-5), the personal tax reference number and personal pension account number.

The team representatives bear personal responsibility for the authenticity of documents submitted to the mandate commission.

Sports organizations that have not submitted fully completed applications within the established time limit are not allowed to participate in the competition.

STATUE on the traditional festival in rowing sports "Golden Blades of St. Petersburg"