Golden Blades Regatta

Welcome to the Golden Blades Regatta – an international rowing event. The Golden Blades Regatta, which is hosted by the English Rowing Club and Rowing Enthusiasts' Association, is held annually in May or June. First held in 1957.

This year the Golden Blades Regatta will take place on Sunday, 16th of May in Saint-Petersburg. You can register for the regatta online.

The History of the Golden Blades of St. Petersburg regatta covers over forty years. It is held in the sprint race format that attracts the attention of the widest audience. The Golden Blades of St.Petersburg is one of the best known regattas in Russia and is one of the highlights of both the summer sporting calendar and the social season.

The race is held under the Olympic system starting with the finals with two boats participating in each race. The main program of the Golden Blades of St. Petersburg Regatta includes competitions of the world’s strongest crews in the following classes of boats: M8+, W8+, M4+, W4+, M4-, W4-, M4x, W4x, M1x, W1x, M8+, W8+ (students).

Athletes of different age – from outstanding rowing veterans to junior competitors – join an additional program of the regatta. Competitions of Sea Yalies, Vikings and Dragons introduce an element of entertainment and make the race accessible for not only professional athletes but amateurs such as televisions stars, the business and political elite.

Acceptance of applications for participation in the International Regatta started. This year's Regatta will be carried out in the format of a super sprint race. A distance of 200 meters will be laid in the waters of the Kronverksky Strait along the fortress, which will allow participants and visitors enjoy the beautiful views of the sea capital of Russia.

Thank you all who participated in the previous Golden Blades Regattas. It could not have happened without you.