Race Categories

Cat ID Category description Cup description
W1xWomen's Single ScullsThe Cup of Princess Olga
M1xMen's Single ScullsThe Cup of Peter the Great
W2-Women's PairThe Cup of Kronwerk
W2xWomen's Double ScullsThe Association Cup
M2xMen's Double ScullsThe Association Cup
MA W4+Masters Women's Coxed FourThe Federation Cup
MA M4+Masters Men's Coxed FourThe Federation Cup
M4-Men's FourThe Redgrave Cup
U23 W8+Under 23 Women's EightThe Cup of Hope
W8+Women's EightCup of Catherine the Great
U23 M8+Under 23 Men's EightThe University Cup
M8+Men's EightThe Alexander Nevsky Cup
RBRowboatThe Vnesheconombank Cup
WYWomen's yawlsThe Admiralty Cup
MYMen's yawlsThe Admiralty Cup
VKViking boatsThe Gazprombank Cup